Nearly Maximally Excellent Graduation

During my extremely busy weekend preceding the start of my new job, I attended the graduation ceremonies of the Marquis. There were many things about the ceremonies that were outstanding, so I felt compelled to make a list.

Things that were better in his graduation than mine:

  • More mariachi bands. He got one; I got none. I got an organist, but the mariachi band dressed way better.
  • More guns. He got at least two, carried by ROTC folks who did something I can’t recall; I got none. What would have happened if the Visigoths had attacked during my graduation? I’m just sayin’.
  • More people graduating. He got over 700, I got just barely over 100. When I go to a graduation, I want to see graduating! A lot!
  • More Republican women robots making speeches. He got one; I got Gwen Ifill. Ms. Ifill was quite nice, actually, but not as cool as robots.
  • More other people’s parents being nice enough to buy me lunch. My parents bought me (and a few other people) lunch after my graduation, but I know where that money’s coming from – my inheritance!

So it was a wonderful event that could only have been improved if I hadn’t needed to rent a car in order to attend. Of course, then I wouldn’t have gotten a ride on my first day of work. So perhaps it was perfect.

Congrats, Marquis de Sod!

7 thoughts on “Nearly Maximally Excellent Graduation

  1. unwiredben

    I remember when VisiGoth first came out. People were buying the black Bell & Howell Apple II’s just to run it. Somehow, having all your spreadsheets appear in the black, even when the numbers were truly red, made some people happy.

  2. unwiredben

    OK, a few URLs might make me clearer… I was just playing on one word in your congrats note.

    VisiCalc (nothing to do with Visigoths, the world’s first computer spreadsheet and a program that made the Apple II a business success):

    B&H Apple II (black version):

    Key Idea: VisiGoth is a “goth” version of VisiCalc that makes bad (red) numbers look good (in the black).

  3. JPed

    The Visigoths only attack graduation ceremonies in Rome, Georgia. As far as I know, this only includes Shorter College and Floyd College, aside from the usual high school and younger ceremonies. So you’re safe on that score.

    As you are no doubt aware, being fully dipped in Texas history as a child, the last people to attack Texas were punished with defeat, followed by an ok John Wayne movie and a really bad… er … whoever-was-in-the-Alamo-(2004) movie.

    So the only folk you might have been in danger from are the University of Tennessee Volunteers, who want the name “UT” back. But nobody did volunteer, so it’s all good.

    All props to the Marquis de Sod!

  4. Marquis de Sod

    Princess, have you so soon forgottent the Affectless Himbo who gave the commencement address!?

    Serious thanks to you and the C-Man for making the drive down.

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