NaBloPoMo Begins Tomorrow

What does the mother of a seven week old baby need? More to do! So I am committing to NaBloPoMo. For the uninformed (read: those with lives), that stands for National Blog Posting Month. Participants in NaBloPoMo commit to posting every day for the month of November, no cheating. Unfortunately for me, I think no cheating means no writing multiple posts in a day and scheduling them out for other days, so this is going to get interesting.

My goal is to get back into the swing of blogging, not cause myself stress, so I will be using the list format for my posts. I’m good at making lists, I like them, and it’s easier for me than, say, interpretive dance videos. I may do a few non-list posts, but every day in November there will be a list. Virgos rejoice!

p.s. I wish the signup process for NaBloPoMo didn’t exclude people by using a visual CAPTCHA. There are plenty of people with visual and learning disabilities who blog and who might be interested in participating, but due to the CAPTCHA they may not be able sign up as a member on the site without assistance. I’m just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Begins Tomorrow

  1. Grace

    I didn’t realize that writing them and setting them to publish in advance was against the rules! I’ve been working on mine for a month! Shit!

  2. The Princess

    I don’t see that prohibited specifically in the rules, such as they are, but I’m interpreting the challenge to be that I *write* every day. So pre-loading seems like a cheat. But I reserve the right to plan tomorrow’s post today!

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