My dog is stranger than your dog

She’s started eating decorative gourds.


My MIL bought some for Boy Detective to play with, and they started disappearing… and then reappearing in my bed with big chunks taken out.

I know that dogs have eaten some strange things in the history of dogdom, but decorative gourds? Really? What is it about a gourd that says “I’m food”? The whole point of the damn things is that you put them on the table and they look festive and don’t rot, unlike food. And they don’t scurry about like prey, I’m fairly certain. These events have been taking place in the middle of the afternoon, so it’s not like we wouldn’t notice if a gourd suddenly started zipping around and heading for a dark spot under an appliance.

So what the hell? Gourds? Why?

One thought on “My dog is stranger than your dog

  1. Annelies

    Funny, pets and members of the squash family. I used to have a cat who would knock over the trashcan to rescue discarded pumpkin stems– is there some essential “gourd” vitamin that house pets are missing?

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