My Life on Facebook and Twitter: June 2012 through March 2013

The year 2012 was not kind to me, and I stopped blogging. I did update Facebook occasionally, though. Here are the bits that I’d like to have tucked away in my blog for safekeeping, so I can read them later to find out if I was actually as funny as I think I am.

June 2012

  • At 8pm, our carpenter is on the way to Home Depot to get plywood for our back door so I don’t have to try and sleep here tonight with a big hole in the back of my house (where the glass door used to be before someone tried to break in this morning while kiddo and I were upstairs.) He is making me so grateful for local and independent businesses, I can’t even tell you.
  • Carpenter just left, hole in wall turned back into actual wall until new door installed this weekend. And now I think I can sleep tonight. Still glad kid is at grandma’s for a sleepover though. (And yes, I DO get chatty on Facebook when I’m freaked out.)
  • Hey bird outside? It’s 3am. Hush up.

September 2012

  • Y’all, seriously, someone is playing a BANJO in their front yard across the street and I think it’s keeping my kid from falling asleep. I KNOW I LIVE IN SOUTH AUSTIN BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

October 2012

  • Problem: Skye complained too many times about being asked to attend family breakfast with visiting relatives at 9:30 a.m. Too early! Universe’s solution: Wake Skye up for the day at 3:30 a.m.

November 2012

  • Hey, you know what’s not made of safety glass? Jars of almond butter.
  • Hey, you know what doesn’t work to stop my cough? Tea or throat lozenges. Also, Skittles.
  • I’m pretty sure there was not a World Atlas puzzle half under my desk when I stopped working on Wednesday – ?

December 2012

  • Things it never occurred to me I would ever say: I would like to be listening to more good hip-hop.

March 2013

  • Things I need today and will not get: a haircut, a vacation, cupcakes, king-sized sheets that do not have holes in them from my son using them as a ladder for years to get up into our bed.
  • I taught my five year old to play solitaire today. He likes to play it TOGETHER. Mom introvert + kid extrovert = that’s us.
  • I heard breaking glass outside, so I popped my head out the front door to check it out. A guy had dropped a French Press in the street by accident while getting into his car. Because, you know, that happens?
  • Treasure Island on CD as told by Jim Weiss = entertains 5.5 year old + dinner conversation about how drinking rum can kill you = possibly not best parenting choice ever. I NEVER READ IT HOW WAS I TO KNOW?
  • Day 1 of first not-family-trip vacation since October 2011. Lisa said I need better vacation goals than sleep and get a haircut so I will try to fit in eating a cupcake in the park per her instructions.
  • OH NO favorite cupcake place is closed on Mondays!!!!! I may as well cancel this vacation and go back to work.

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