My Life on Facebook and Twitter: January through March 2014

I capture these here so I can enjoy them later, after Facebook and Twitter collapse like MySpace.

January 2014

I really want to write a post called “Where the **** does all this laundry come from? An investigative report.” Because there are only three people living here and one of them wears his clothes for the next day as pajamas almost every night.

If you haven’t seen a gerbil crawling around on a table knocking over tiny Angry Birds Star Wars characters, you should!

I’m waiting for a doctor’s appointment. Event 1: receptionist answers question from caller by saying “For Doctor Who?” Event 2: Someone’s cell phone rings and it makes R2D2’s little chitter sound. It’s a good day to be a geek.

I am so pleased that we are back to normal household routines after a two week winter break. For example, on Days 2 and 3 of school being back in session, the following did NOT occur: walk our child out to the car in the morning to take him to school and wonder why he’s saying “Ow, my feet are cold,” look down, and realize he’s wearing a coat, a hat, and gloves, and carrying his lunch, but never got his shoes on. We don’t need to discuss Day 1.

Super fascinating post from someone who donated bone marrow, walking through the process. I’m registered as a donor, are you? (IF you can, which may not be possible for you due to health, economics i.e. can’t miss work to donate, etc.)

My mother’s awesome cousin Martha Miller shared this, and I love it, so I’m sharing it too: Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems… palsy is just one.

I really will get the hang of not looking around the room while I still have my reading glasses on, right?

Yes, strangely I did review 2 movies that start with an R in one weekend. Coincidence! Not doing the ABCs of action movie reviews.

Y’all, seriously, this is real. I pulled over while driving to take this. How does this happen?

This is what counts as snow in Austin in case you were wondering.

This afternoon, my six year old son was taunted and physically bullied at the bouncy house place. They called him “It” and threw things at him because he has long hair. I’m so grateful for all the GLBT and feminist activists and writers who have given me the vocabulary to support my son, who believes that “people should get to like what they like” regardless of what gender police bullshit other kids and even adults feel compelled to dish out.

C-Man drove all the way to the grocery store and realized he’d forgotten his money clip. He drove home to get it, then drove back to the store to do the shopping. And my guess is, when he gets home, he’ll still be cheerful. #myhusbandisabetterpersonthanIam

If we’re going to close schools repeatedly in Austin because it’s cold and icy, then I had better see a reduction in the mosquito population this summer because they’re all freezing to death right now.

And the best followup I’ve seen to the XOJane debacle

@jrome58 When my son was about four, he started his [fave team-up] with Black Panther and Ramona Flowers (holding the giant hammer, of course).

February 2014

This weekend, Boy Detective got up early and went downstairs on his own… and cross-stitched. Then he was a little nervous to tell me in case it wasn’t okay for him to cross-stitch on his own. It was so hard not to laugh as I reassured him that he can work on his cross-stitch any time he wants

Loving the “How To Cosplay” series from @xoMiaMoore

Dear most of the other parents in my son’s class, I gave my son a three-letter name to make things easier on your kid while addressing all the Valentines, and in return, you gave most of your children longer names so my son could get some of the handwriting practice he so desperately needs. And we didn’t even coordinate ahead of time! I’m very impressed with us! xoxo, me p.s. No, I am not being sarcastic. Can we start exchanging cards for more holidays? Just a thought…

Am I the only one who finds it creepy that when you give someone a gift certificate on Etsy, that Etsy emails YOU when THEY redeem it? Like it’s any of my business when they redeemed it?

I don’t KNOW which Pokemon would win!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

So it’s come to this: my six year old son has been made fun of enough times for his long hair and his Hello Kitty socks, in just six months of 1st grade at a granola private Montessori school in liberal Austin Texas, that he will not wear his holiday gift Hello Kitty pirate shirt (that he really likes) to school. And he has decided to play it safe by also excluding his Metroid video game shirt because it features a female character. It is absolutely up to him how much garbage he’s willing to take from other kids in his class, but I am so sad tonight over how early we start telling people how they should be. I’m also kind of wondering why we pay so much in tuition and my kid can’t even feel comfortable wearing a freakin’ shirt.

Austin drivers, it’s not that hard. If a car is parked in front of you, don’t run into it. Not even a little. (Yes, everyone’s fine, it’s just a time suck.)

I moved back to Texas so I would not have to say things like “I need to do laundry so my kid has enough long underwear for the rest of the week.”

Boy Detective just said “Our feet collided.” And I’m so in the habit of correcting his past tense that I almost told him it was “collid.”

I got a great dress. That meant I needed boots. That meant I needed tights. Now I’ve realized I need a purse. People who actually shop, how do you keep up?!?!

Hormel Foods actually mentions zombies on their page about Spam’s shelf life. I am so pleased by this.

March 2014

It’s MARCH in AUSTIN and we have a 2 hour delay for school tomorrow because of winter weather. HOW?

Now when I put a credit card expiration date in anywhere online, all I can think is “what are the chances this one will last until the expiration date without being compromised and having to be replaced?”

Helped someone locate Twitter accounts covering “dinosaurs” and “mod rock bands from the 60s.” My work here is done.

I can’t decide if I dislike my insomnia or Time Warner Cable more right now. They have in common an ability to make an entire day way more difficult than is really necessary. TWC is more expensive though so it may win.

I am going to NYC, Miami, Wisconsin, and San Jose in 4 months. I am never going to have a clue what time it is!

Played Heroes Unite w/my guys for 1st time, I asked to leave it out so we could finish game next day. Think I leveled up as a Geek Mom…

@_rethinkpink I enjoyed Divergent, but empowering white women/girls while erasing people of color isn’t progress IMHO.

Geek Mom problems: can’t finish vacuuming my room b/c Raggedy Ann, Bunny, & Twilight Sparkle are reading a My Little Pony comic on my floor.

So apparently what I do when I am alone in the house for 14+ hours is eat cookies and have discussions of racism in entertainment on Facebook. I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Dear my subconscious, I am glad you’re so excited about starting a Couch to 5K. I promise you do not have to wake up at 4am to get it done, though. Chill out a little tomorrow, yeah? xoxo -Skye

Nothing like ending a conference call because the six year old walks in crying and bleeding due to a roughhousing incident knocking out his loose tooth. Coworker handled it very graciously.