My Life on Facebook and Twitter: April through June 2014

For me to look back on, when Facebook and Twitter have gone the way of (insert now-dead social network here). You don’t need to read it, it’s all good.

April 2014

I can tell my son was home with me yesterday because I keep trying to work this morning and having to move stuffed animals to get to things in my office.

Okay Austin, what is up with the pelting hail that I’m afraid is going to break our bedroom window on April 7th when it’s supposed to be practically summer already?

Okay I am going to bed and if there is still white stuff all over the roofs and lawns when I wake up, I am staying in bed tomorrow.

Grandma just asked Boy Detective what our family crest would have on it. We all agreed on superhero comics, a videogame controller, dice, and cupcakes.

In case you were wondering, Pandora Radio DOES have a contemporary Bollywood station. Also in case you were wondering, it’s just not the same without the lavish dance numbers and costumes.

Apparently all my tweets are too long.

I know I needed to type up my health history since October 2010, but it has not put me in a happy hopeful mood. Will cookies help, d’ya think?

If you had the misfortune of watching the #americanblogger trailer, @Neilochka can help.

Why is there STILL a Raggedy Ann and a bunny reading a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic graphic novel right next to my bedside table?

Things I never thought I’d say until I had a kid: “I really need you to take a break from singing the Imperial March.”

I think I should have spent more of my life listening to “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J. Fixing that.

I’m so done w/all the “Avengers” shirts, manicures, crafts, etc. with Hulk, Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Man. OOPS someone’s missing…

All I have to do is get the kid in bed and then I can watch Wesley Snipes thrash vampires. SO READY.

Today I realized, for the first time in my life, that in Bust a Move by Young MC the guy is getting with a BRIDESMAID after the wedding – he’s not running off with his friend’s BRIDE. That’s really different.

So if soccer moms drive minivans, what do jiu jitsu moms drive?

May 2014

Loving this analysis of the vocabularies of hip hop artists by @matthew_daniels and of course @AesopRockWins.

Okay okay okay. WHO let me sign my kid up for a physical activity with a WHITE uniform? New line item in budget for OxiClean!

Okay I just picked up my phone and there is A BIG RHINESTONE STUCK TO THE SCREEN. There is a joke here about six year old boys and bedazzling but I am too tired to make it.

Arrived at #wiscon. Just realized how long it’s been since I attended a conf NOT run by my company!

“If we go to sleep one minute ago, that’s seven hours sleep!” #wiscon math from @reinashay

June 2014

One more day of school and then it’s someone ELSE’s turn to get sunscreen on their clothes daily while trying to apply it to a wiggling six year old.

Facebook, am I growing my hair out long again, or am I just being lazy about getting a haircut? Is there any way to tell for sure? I just can’t figure me out.

Boy Detective (age 6 and 3/4) is SO mad at me that he’s in his room *furiously* playing his xylophone. I am trying so hard not to laugh.

No, YOU left your kid’s white gi in the washer overnight, wet, tangled up with something red.


I can come [to an Austin Comics Ladies hangout] if you don’t mind me bringing my strep throat. OH WAIT.

Boy Detective’s 7th or 8th suggestion for where I might have “lost” my voice this time: “Maybe you put it in your computer on Pinterest?”

If you haven’t read Shaenon K. Garrity’s “Perils of the Lady Gamer” you are missing out.

So it seems that when I get up at a reasonable time, I can spend the first hour of my day taking a walk with my six year old and then giving him a first lesson in photo editing. That works for me.

Perils of sharing a computer: my YouTube “We think you’d like…” is ALWAYS full of tabletop wargaming and jiu jitsu matches.

I am SO not texting my husband this thing that I know would exasperate him so that I can have someone to be exasperated with, because he is (hopefully) in the middle of a Warmachine game. I think I earn 3 cookies per hour that I can maintain my resolve, don’t you?

Sometimes I re-read this just for the jokes under the screencaps: The 5 Most Insulting Defenses of Nerd Racism.

All the advanced cell phone technology in the world and Beth and I still can’t have a phone call where I can hear what she’s saying, grrrrr!