So much for THAT persuasive campaign

C-Man: I wish we had some pickles.

Me: It wasn’t on the list.

C-Man: Strangely.

Me: (silent shrug of not caring because I hate pickles)

C-Man: Because then I would have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

Me: That sounds horrifying.

Boy Detective, from the next room: Mom, how do you know it’s horrifying? Have you tried it?

C-Man: Skye, have you even tried pickles?

Me: Pickle juice got on some of my food that I actually wanted to eat once, that was close enough.

Boy Detective: But Mom, how do you know you don’t like something if you don’t try it?

C-Man: Boy Detective, would you try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich?

Boy Detective: Um, no.

10 thoughts on “So much for THAT persuasive campaign

  1. Angela @ Cottage Magpie

    Uh oh! We use that argument in our house, too. I’m sure it’ll come back to bite me eventually!

    Meanwhile, though, I love pickles and peanut butter, so I’d try it. I had a friend who made jalapeno poppers with peanut butter instead of cream cheese, and I thought that was nuts, but they were very good, kind of a Thai flair. So who knows!


  2. Skye

    Angela, that Thai-flair popper recipe actually makes more sense to me. Not that I can eat japalenos without wanting to die!

  3. Skye

    Leah, you’re so right, and he was dead serious too!

    Dory and Patti, I think you may be correct too, a shopping trip is in our future for a few items… !

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