Monday Morning Good Writing #7

I’m sure there is a time zone in which it is still morning, so the title stands. And for those of you who are currently enjoying your after-lunch haze, it’s just as good of a time to read some blog posts, yes?

Wii just want you to be happy. I am not letting one of these demonic devices into my home. No sir.

A new member of the family. (And no, this is not a mommyblog post. But honestly, it’s not like I’ve been avalanching you with them. I’m keeping track, I promise.)

A Few Hard Facts About Inner-City Law Enforcement on Pretty Lady. I really wish everyone knew this.

How to Make Chex Mix. No, this is not a recipe.

One thought on “Monday Morning Good Writing #7

  1. threeundertwo

    Wow! Thank you for featuring my Chex Mix post! I was wondering where I was getting all the nice traffic from.

    Great blog. I’m a quilter too. I’ll be back!

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