Monday Morning Good Writing #6

A little something for everyone this week, I think, in this weekly collection of well written, enjoyable posts.

ACDC moves me to say inappropriate stuff at The Daily Digress. Also, she has a Grass Cam. I look at her grass cam when I’m tired of looking at our grass, ’cause hers is nicer and I don’t have to mow it.

Breaking The Chain at Suburban Scrawl. I really hope she actually did post this note at work. I like how #3 is labeled as mean but #4 is just fine.

Cake! liveblogged on Not Calm (Dot Com). The food, not the band. I like what happens at 5:48. Next time I lose my keys, I am totally calling this girl to ask where to look.

i’ve uncovered the conspiracy… on Motherhood unscripted.

Arguments I have with myself as if I were my own nagging spouse at No comment.

One thought on “Monday Morning Good Writing #6

  1. Melisa

    Thanks for the plug! Yes, I actually did post that note at work. :) (That’s the kind of salon I work at: humorous hostility is not only welcomed, but encouraged. LOL)

    I updated the story three days later…the culprit stepped forward!

    Anyway, thanks again, and have a great day!

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