Monday Morning Good Writing #5

An untitled post containing an email that completely cracks me up. Especially the closing.

Dear whomever. I can’t stop laughing every time I read this.

I Should Really Put a Demonstration on Youtube. Yes, yes, you should! I am now addicted to this blog, by the way, so thank you interwebs for stealing more of my time.

What Do You Want? A Car? Fine! Maybe diapers aren’t so bad? (No, this is not gross, even though it led me to mention diapers. I wouldn’t lead you to something icky, I promise.)

Men who explain things. There are women who do this too, but oh wow is it annoying when it’s a man doing it to you because you’re a woman. And oh wow can this woman put words together.

Finally, I don’t normally include things like this in Monday Morning Good Writing, mostly because journal articles are usually deadly dull. This one, however, is both wonderful and short: Public Expectations and Nonprofit Sector Realities: A Growing Divide with Disastrous Consequences (PDF). Here’s my favorite line:

…efforts to prime the pump to create greater resources should not be confused as a substitute for sustained and meaningful discussions on how to bring about a more just society.

And with that, I leave you.