Monday Morning Good Writing #11

A few well-arranged words for your Monday Morning…

Feel the fear (and cook it anyway) on Barren Mare. I’ve never seen someone use the word “fandango” and not mean the movie ticket service.

Number, please … and no, she doesn’t have ours at from the planet of janet. Here I thought I had issues with my child and phones since he won’t stop trying to chew on mine.

Some Balls are Held for Charity, and Some for Fancy Dress on Blog of the Moderate Left. Wow.

Top 20 Superficial Reasons I’ve Broken Up With Someone at Baby on Bored. #11! #11!

Bugging Out on Dancing Brave. Having a son just got even better.

We the Family on Suburban Kamikaze. Does sleeping in a tent really count as being under the same roof?