Monday Links #2

I spent ALL WEEKEND working on a pink and purple quilt for my four year old niece. You heard me, PINK. Sometimes one’s personal preferences and deep cultural trauma are not as important as doing right by a kid, and this kid loves pink and purple. I mixed in some blue to keep me from breaking out into a rash, and I think it came out fine. Pictures soon, since I must have it done to take it to the family reunion in Amarillo next Friday.

While you’re all breathlessly waiting for those pictures and also thanking whatever deities you believe in that you are not attending a family reunion in Amarillo next weekend, I give you some links to peruse.

Via Global Voices, I found two interesting articles on Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Nigerian Finance Minister: The Woman Who Has the Power to Change Africa and Rebuilding a Life and Then a Country. I have in the past mocked people who only want to read “good news,” but it was a nice break to read about solutions.

Check out 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs. It avoids tired cliches and vague generalizations by linking to examples for every suggestion – fabulous!

IROCK received the best spam subject line ever. Really. He also proves once again that he is an awesome feminist.

Emerald Market listed bamboo yarn! Between this and the recycled yarn tutorial I am SO taking up knitting. My mother’s cousin even mailed me a box with a big bunch of fabric, some old quilts and quilt blocks, and knitting needles about two weeks ago. Perfect timing.

The NYT reports that kids are using a ring tone that most adults can’t hear.

Avoiding a nasty scald is now easier with a light that shows you what temperature your tap is. Again I say, where is my fucking flying car?

Plastic playground slides aren’t accessible for kids with cochlear implants. The static electricity zaps the implants. As my intarweb comrades would say, that is teh suck. [Note: when I published this I had mistakenly written metal instead of plastic. Oops!]

More blogging later, I am still recovering from my textile-related endeavors.

4 thoughts on “Monday Links #2

  1. Erika

    Can I PLEEEEEZ see a picture of the quilt you did with pink?! :) I am . . . uh, at a loss for words? But, impressed that you did this for someone – true altruism! :)

  2. Aaron

    One quick note on the “Metal playground slides aren’t accessible for kids with cochlear implants” story. When I read it it said that the problem is actually with plastic slides and that metal slides pose less of a risk but they get hotter in the summer.

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