Mistaken Identity

We’ll call her Anna for this post, and she turns 3 in October.

We’re calling her Anna not so much to protect her identity as to avoid having to see the word “niece” over and over again, since it always looks like it’s spelled wrong.

My sister: Anna, why are you talking in my other ear? (pause) Do you want to talk to

Auntie S.?

Anna: Yeah!

My sister: OK, I’m going to let her talk, just for a minute.

Me: Great!

Anna: Hi.

Me: Hi Anna!

Anna: Hi.

Me: Are you eating carrots?

Anna: Yeah.

Me: Are they yummy?

Anna: Yeah.

Me: Good! Can I talk to your mommy again?

Anna: Yeah.

Me: Thank you.

Anna: I love you grandma.

Me: I love you too, baby.

To be fair, she did then tell me she loved me again and addressed me as Auntie S., and I don’t think my sister prompted her, because she was too busy laughing her head off that her daughter just called me grandma.