Mail Delivery Question Answered

Regular readers will recall that last week I embarked on a rigorous scientific study of mail delivery timetables across the United States.

I am now pleased to present the results.

The reason I get my mail at 4 o’clock in the afternoon is that the mail route goes like this:

10:30am – Twin Cities, MN

11:00 am – Ft. Worth and Dallas, TX

11:05 am – Round Rock, TX

11:30 am – St. Louis, MO

2:00 pm – Canada

4:00 pm – my house in Austin, TX

4:01 pm – the last house on the route, which is in San Carlos, CA

That swing through Missouri and Canada eats up a lot of time, doesn’t it? But then ZOOM.

2 thoughts on “Mail Delivery Question Answered

  1. chirky

    And what about the trash study? Mine comes every Thursday, somewhere between 8am and noon. Just, you know, whenever they get around to it.

  2. BonnieBelle

    lol! I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter. :)

    It is possible my recycling gets picked up at some unknown hour in the early, early morning, because we always seem to miss it even if we get up at the buttcrack of dawn (7:30) to put it out.

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