4 thoughts on “Luckily she has kids of her own, or she’d probably worry about us

  1. Bachelor Girl

    Sweet, well-mannered children are a delight, but interesting children are even better.

    (Which is not to imply that Boy Detective is not or can’t be both.)

    For instance, I have a friend whose toddler son sleeps with a different random object every night. A week ago, he became very attached to a baked potato during dinner, and instead of eating it, he carried it to bed with him.

    Now THAT’S someone with whom I’d like to be friends.

  2. alianora

    My kid has really been into talking to his toes. And I can’t even blame it on a fever. It’s just…you know. He talks to his toes.

    I’m considering it cute until they talk back.

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