My life in tweets, August 2008-April 2009

At the BlogHer Conference in July of 2008, I spent a good deal of time at breakfast one day talking to Deb Roby about how Twitter was probably not a good thing for me. I was too tired, trying to juggle too many things, which meant I certainly didn’t need another anything to keep track of or be distracted by.

Unfortunately, I have a deep dread of being left out. So in August of 2008, I created a Twitter account. I looked back over my 268 updates in the last 8 months and grabbed a few that entertained me as snapshots of my life. This is mostly for my own collection, as I don’t tend to trust free services to preserve my data in perpetuity for me in case I want to stroll down memory lane someday.

[Note: since I stopped using Twitter for a loooong time after April 2009, I came back in late 2012 and added in the April tweets to this post, which originally only went through March.]

August 2008

  • Enjoying writing software documentation. No really. I’m sick.
  • Wanting to set Microsoft’s HQ on fire if I have to change Times New Roman to Arial one more time.
  • If I’m going back to work PT in the office as well as working PT from home, when do I blog? I should have thought this through better.
  • I think my son is becoming a Tylenol junkie.
  • I will bring order to our financial records. I WILL!
  • Hating everyone with an automatic music player on their blog.
  • I am married to a man who apparently will be playing in the national finals of a video game tournament. Kill me now.
  • How did a baby duck get into our front yard?!
  • Baby kicked me in the jaw, dog tried to break my toe, door slammed on my finger. Which one can I curse at?

September 2008

  • Wondering why cereal and bread are enriched, but candy corn is not.
  • What’s a professional way to say “Just grow up and do your damn work already”?
  • Having horrible visions of spending most of October and November giving software trainings. In a suit.
  • Searching for a vegan toddler shoe that both my MIL and h-band can be happy with. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!
  • Wanting the documentation to be done and perfect, but desperately wanting to already be done writing it.
  • Deciding on lunch. Lasagna or popcorn?
  • Babysitter’s leaving soon, how do I get through the next three hours with h-band out of town? Single parents are ROCKSTARS.
  • Acting as an agent of bureaucracy.

October 2008

My only update during an excruciatingly busy month:

GMail is showing me a link ad for an “Adult SEO Theme for WP.” What did I put in an email to make THAT show up?

November 2008

  • Reading yet more bills filed for the upcoming Texas legislative session. Yes, I’m so much fun.
  • Packing for drive to Dallas tonight, PLEASE let the child fall asleep in the car. [Please note that he did… for half an hour, and then he was up until 2am.]
  • Kid is trying to connect Playstation, joystick, and rocking chair. Should I be concerned?
  • Wondering why I don’t understand that eating half a bag of candy is only going to make me feel worse eventually.
  • Feeling grateful that my 14 month old son is already getting his molars in. While he has a cold. Oh wait, I’m not grateful at all.
  • Bought pie. Life is good.
  • My son just said his first word: “uh oh!” Should I be afraid?
  • Proving why we shouldn’t have bags of tortilla chips in the house.
  • Disturbed that I like an Eddie Vedder song. HATE Eddie Vedder.
  • Wondering if it’s socially acceptable to take up drinking for the first time at age 34.

January 2009

  • ah yes, the annual dog freaking out because of fireworks has begun
  • husband’s asleep already, baby is fighting it. bad news for me. [So how the heck was I on Twitter?!]
  • does cough syrup do ***anything***?
  • How many muffins do you have to make for them to last more than a day?
  • Woke up to snow on the ground. Um, hello, I LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS FOR A REASON and this is not it.
  • Still not liking Norah Jones.

February 2009

  • My big achievement yesterday: teaching 16 month old to say “nom nom nom.”
  • Not feeling good about being a white middle-class feminist today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Not hopeful.
  • Oh dammit, not a zombie invasion in Austin
  • Just left home b/c needed a breather from toddler, sat waiting in restaurant for 30 mins only to find out they skipped me. So not relaxing.

March 2009

  • I always have a spare gentleman handy to escort me home when I’m out after dark.
  • cupcakes would help
  • Think about what would happen if your google account got hacked and you were suddenly locked out. Backups, backups, backups.
  • Toddler with fever refuses water, OJ, and apple juice. Kid, I want something stronger too, but IT’S NOT HAPPENING FOR EITHER OF US. Drink!
  • 24 year old sister in law living with us temporarily, I’m trying to reassure her that 30s are better than 20s

April 2009

  • Eating an entire can of Pringles without any apology to anyone.
  • toddler apparently can open bag of brown sugar. interesting. also, sticky.

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