Librarians: Not Just For Shhh!ing People

Re: wacky anarchistic librarians that are trying to make information available to more people through the magic of ebooks. I can just imagine a publisher’s rep trying to explain the difference between ebooks and normal books to a librarian:

Publisher: The problem is, we aren’t getting as many sales, because people have access to the material for free.

Librarian: Kind of like when they check it out with a library card.

Publisher: Um…But they can make copies of the ebooks.

Librarian: Like with a photocopier.

Publisher: Except that then they would have to leave the house and spend money – the way you’re doing it, it’s easy to copy the material.

Librarian: So you don’t really care if they have a free copy, or spend money that you don’t get, you just want them to be inconvenienced?

Publisher: Um, yes.

Librarian: Basically, a deterrent to reading unless you have a lot of money to spare.

Publisher: Um, yes.

Also, interesting site about street harassment, which often plagues women in Austin who are minding their own business walking to their class at the Texas Department of Health. Not that I’m bitter….but it’s nice to see that someone has realized this is a problem.