When we last saw our heroine…

Since I last posted, I got married.

That sounds simple, but it involved a large number of events, and those events were followed by a 3-day honeymoon, which was followed immediately by a 70 hour work week to punish me for taking time off for a major life event.

When that was done, we had generated many loads of laundry, and many dirty dishes, and the wedding gift-giving generated many, many boxes and much packing material. C-Man also officially moved into this apartment, which means we now have boxes of books and DVDs and video games stacked around the living room.

So yeah. Married. Worked a lot. Stuff everywhere. Spent a lot of time cleaning up, still not done. Spent a lot of time writing thank you notes, still not done.

But hello out there!

p.s. If you gave us barbecue skewers and some wonderful bamboo kitchen utensils, thank you and we look forward to many grilled mushrooms in our future! We’d write you a real paper thank-you note if we knew who you were. We know you bought them at 4:31 in Austin on the Friday before the wedding, but that’s about it.

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