Where do you keep your pajamas?

Friends, readers, I have an important question. The year 2011 is starting off so well organized here in the lizard kingdom, and yet this is a problem I cannot seem to solve.

Where do you keep your pajamas when you’re not wearing them?

I was raised to fold up my pajamas in the morning and put them under my pillow. This is great until you’re trying to make your bed look nice and now your pillow is higher than the other pillow which belongs to someone who does not do this. Also great until my son decides that trashing my bed was a great way to have fun.

I have gone through phases where I had a chair in my closet specifically for the “wore it a bit, not dirty yet” kind of clothing, and the pajamas went there. That works fine until it’s either hot or cold outside, in which case we are trying to minimize the number of times we open or close the closet door because it lets the hot/cold air into the bedroom. You’d think that any time I have pajamas that need to be stored, I would need to also access the closet to get some clothes, and it would be a two bird one rock scenario, but I cannot seem to get that coordinated.

For a while in this house, I was throwing them on the junky end table I was using as a nightstand, but that table has mercifully left the building and will be replaced by a piece of furniture that will hold a lamp and books instead of being used as a clothing dumping ground. If I can ever manage to get the damn thing stained.

I did so much work in 2010 to get junk out of my house, I don’t want to spoil the cleanliness by throwing pajamas on the floor! (For the dog to lie on, because then they would also be smelly.) So internet peeps, help me out. Surely there is a diversity of pajama-storing practices among you!

9 thoughts on “Where do you keep your pajamas?

  1. laura

    i was raised to put them under my pillow too. i read recently in some magazine (martha?) that you should tuck them into you pillowcase with your pillow. um, wha?

    in high school i’d throw them over the chair at my desk. in college and many years after i slept nekkid.

    now i hang them in the hall on the hooks. not classy, but not on the floor. if company comes over i chuck ’em in the basement and get new ones.

    and please note, now PJs are really tank tops & sweats. again. ’cause i’m classy.

  2. alianora

    I shove mine in my underwear drawer, I have to admit. I did tuck them under my pillow for a while, but the pillows not sitting even bothered me too much.

  3. Lori C.

    I was also raised to keep them under my pillow, though I never actually made the bed, just stuffed the jammies under the pillow…I don’t know why…

    My answer was to ‘train’ my husband to keep his under his pillow, too. Every time I found them laying on the floor, I would pick them up and stuff them under the pillow. When he asked where they had gone, I would tell him, eventually he just started putting them there himself…

  4. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    We keep a small laundry basket in our closet for “wore it a bit, not dirty yet” bumming-around clothes like pajamas.

    (“Wore it a bit, not dirty yet” street clothes get hung up.)

    Our bedside tables are actually matching end tables that I painted and repurposed, and underneath each one there’s a large basket where we store books, the heating pad, etc. Maybe something like that would work for your PJs?

  5. Grace

    I totally have this same problem! I’ve been throwing them on top of my dresser, but that means they’re on top of my jewelry boxes and pills, so it doesn’t really work out.

    I think I’m going to try a small basket under my nightstand. That’s a good idea.

  6. Deidre

    I put them with my clean pajamas in a drawer, until I decide they are dirty….

    But right now my room is so small with so little storage space, basically everything has to go into about 3 drawers to get it off the floor. It isn’t ideal.

  7. Erin

    I keep my pajamas between the pillows of our bed. When I make the bed, I prop our pillows against the headboard and I tuck my pajamas* between them. And then prop the shams against the propped pillows.

    Making my bed makes the whole room look more tidy, even if every other surface is covered in the random crap that migrates to our room when there isn’t any where else for it to live.

    *Where pajamas = long t-shirt.

  8. Skye

    I’m liking the small basket idea.

    @Deirdre, I hate to put them back in the drawer because mostly, the clothes in the drawer don’t have dog hair yet, whereas even my pajamas do once they’re out and about.

    @Lori, I’m amazed he started to do that on his own!

    @Erin, I have given up on actually making the bed, but between the pillows seems like another good option.

  9. Annie

    Hi there. I’m brand new to blogging having deliberated for months over how to/what to say/etc. My first blog “Do you tuck your pyjamas under your pillow?” took my quite by surprise! So much so that I eventually just had to find out if anyone else had EVER written anything remotely related to the same topic. And I found your post – thanks Skye! Love your blog, and hoping I can keep mine up and as interesting. Annie

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