If I Could Just Stop Telling On Myself!

C-Man: I just had a veggie burger for dinner yesterday.

Me: I didn’t. I had…umm…

C-Man: Junk food?

Me: A handful of jellybeans.

C-Man: That’s what you had for dinner?!

Me: And I didn’t feel all that great afterwards, I tell ya. I probably won’t eat jellybeans again for about 24 hours.

C-Man: I’m not leaving you alone in the house to eat dinner anymore.

2 thoughts on “If I Could Just Stop Telling On Myself!

  1. Januari

    Well, if you were eating Jellybellies, you had lime, cantaloupe, cherry, strawberry (but probably in daquiri form), coconut and grape to name a few. There has to be some good in that!

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