Internal Monologues

Hey, what a coincidence, there’s a car with a vegan sticker in the parking lot of this restaurant where I’m meeting someone who used to be vegan for dinner.

Oh, right, we’re meeting at Veggie Heaven.

Hey, this boy is cute but he likes backpacking. God, that sounds so difficult and exhausting.

Oh, right, I carry a backpack full of stuff every day.

Hey, no one has any big paper clips, and I really need some.

Oh, oops, no one has any because I stole the box in January and put it on my desk.


4 thoughts on “Internal Monologues

  1. JPed

    Hey, backpacking isn’t hard! It’s just placing one foot in front of the other really often for a long consecutive timespan. On, like, muddy hills and stuff.

    Signed, the guy whose wife ran 3 marathons and said it wasn’t that hard to keep going because “the quickest way to finish is to keep running”.

  2. JPed

    See? You’ve got it covered all ready, no worries! And just to add to your newfound confidence, consider the following: in many countries, “backpacking” is called “trekking” (or better translated as “trekking”). William Shatner was famous for trekking, despite the lack of a backpack and the unfortunate tendency to test the structural characteristics of his mustard-colored polyester shirt. You are clearly in a better position than he to excel at the “sport” of trekking, because you don’t have that shirt-stretching gut, you already have your own backpack and the skilz to use it, and you don’t wear mustard-colored polyester shirts.

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