Impressions while in Santa Clara, CA

The Yahoo logo isn’t just for websites. They also put it on buildings. WTF?

Heather Armstrong is a real, breathing, moving person with a great smile.

Heather Gold is funny and wicked sexy. Her website sells an apron that says “hot lesbian baking action.” I wish I’d bought her CD at the Blogher Dinner, but I was too disoriented and overwhelmed from being in a room with so many people.

The trees out here don’t all match. There are feathery ones with stripey bark, tall triangle-y ones, and purple ones. And they don’t seem to care if they all stay together. They just mix them up! Cats and dogs, living together! And they plant them on the embankments that slope up to the elevated freeways, so you don’t have to look at all the ugly concrete! YOU MANIACS! And what’s with all the flowers everywhere? It’s like you want thing to be pretty and colorful.

The crosswalk lights on Great Avenue Parkway ALL depend on user input, so if I arrive at a crosswalk and punch the button too late in the cycle, I can stand there all day long and never get a walk signal. Great Avenue Parkway? Grand America Parkway? I have no clue. All I know is they really, really don’t expect pedestrians to be using the sidewalks at 8 in the evening. Or they don’t care whether we get an extra special sprinkler bath. Thanks, Netgear.

In non-California news, C-Man has started saying “walkies” for taking The Dog on a walk, as in “The Dog has had her walkies and pill and food.” It must be connected to the Wallace and Gromit we watched while I was busy having a broken neck.

2 thoughts on “Impressions while in Santa Clara, CA

  1. unwiredben

    The great thing about the Yahoo! buildings is that they don’t mind if you stop by, go in the lobby, and start asking questions. (previous comment not actually true) What’s more fun is to go hunting for buildings that still have their boom-day logo on the signs. I almost took a picture of the “fatbrain” building on one of my last trips out there, since I had to turn around in its empty parking lot.

  2. ae


    So nice to meet you and talk with you at BlogHer! Thanks for your thoughtful comments throughout the day.

    P.S. I’m freezing right now at the airport! Dang.

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