How I Imagine the Conversation Goes

Me: How are you?

Dog Two: Fine.

Me: I ask because we’ve been outside for a while, and the mosquitoes are kind of biting the fuck out of me, and you haven’t yet gone to the bathroom.

Dog Two: I’m eating a leaf right now.

Me: I can see that.

Dog Two: Can we go in?

Me: I don’t think so. Remember yesterday when you went inside and then we had to clean up after you?

Dog Two: Hey, there’s a bird!

Me: Yes, it’s very nice. Do you need to do anything out here?

Dog Two: What’s this on the pavement?

Me: A dead bug, and you don’t need any.

Dog Two: Hey, I have to pee!

3 thoughts on “How I Imagine the Conversation Goes

  1. unwiredben

    When you starting posting dialogs between The Dog and Dog Two, then I’ll be worried. :)

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