“I’m not happy unless I’m…”

I’m not happy unless I’m organizing things.

It’s the one activity I can’t live without, honestly. I’m sure I have other basic needs beyond the biological life support stuff, just like everyone else, but after that, this is the big deal.

My mother in law is not happy unless she’s mothering someone. I’ve often worried about her because I’m convinced she’s wearing herself out. She works way harder than I do taking care of Boy Detective all day five days a week. But what I’m starting to realize is that taking care of other people is like organizing for me. It fulfills her and settles her and makes her who she is.

(Still, a good idea to take breaks. If I was cleaning out closets and file drawers all day every day and weekends too, that would also be excessive.)

For C-Man, it’s learning. If that guy isn’t learning something new almost every single day, he is miserable. If it wasn’t financially a terrible idea, he very well might change jobs every six months just so there would be new stuff to learn. If he could talk his way into jobs in totally different industries, he’d be even happier.

I don’t know what it will be for Boy Detective. He’s only three, who knows?

But please, oh please, don’t let it be “talking to Mom about robots.” I love my child, but there is only so much I can take.

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