Icky squelchy closet, what?

An icky squelchy feeling is something I associate with stepping into mud, not stepping into my carpeted closet. But lo, yesterday my carpet squelched. Apparently water has been seeping into it for quite some time from the shower next door, which means that Maintenance must now appear and cuts holes in the walls and bang on stuff.

It also means that The Dog is now gated into the kitchen, which is only slightly larger than the icky squelchy closet. So she has a bed, food & water bowls on a towel, and exactly enough room left over to stand still. My annoyance at having to unpack my entire closet yesterday pales in comparison to the boredom she is currently experiencing. I would have left her books, but she would probably eat them (another reason why I get to make the household rules).

2 thoughts on “Icky squelchy closet, what?

  1. JPed

    Are you sure you should have this fixed? Where will the lizards live if your closet isn’t flooded? Think it through …

  2. The Princess

    Ah, but my apartment is just the embassy. The lizards rarely come here, they’re terrified by the used car lot down the block. And even the lizards don’t like mold, which was growing in the carpet. Eecchh.

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