Holla Back, Katrina, Crime at Schools: A few links

Slightly random collection of links:

ae points out the Bad Democracy Awards, which at the very least is satisfying as a venting process.

Via Jill at Feministe, an open blog called Holla Back NYC. Harassed on the street? Snap the offender’s picture and post it. (Laina Dawes said at BlogHer that one of the reasons she blogs is to document the racism she encounters, so people don’t forget it’s still happening. I think this site does that for sexism, in addition to providing some venting space.)

Children are still missing after Katrina. Strangely, “one of the great lessons of the evacuation is that uniform and accurate records need to be kept of evacuees as they move from location to location.” Ya think? Oh, I know, why doesn’t everybody and their dog start a website to “help” people reunite with missing loved ones? Oh, wait.

Crime at schools is down. Who knew? Not me, from watching the news.