He’s A Prodigy, I Tell You

This one’s going to take a bit of backstory, but stick with me.

C-Man plays Virtua Fighter, which is a video game where people beat each other up. He bought a PS3 because it offers online play against other people, which can be more fun than playing against the computer on the XBox.

[Correction issued in subsequent post about which game system is which.]

He also spends a lot of time on an online forum about Virtua Fighter. In this forum, each person can include a tagline at the end of every post.

(Side note: He was talkin’ smack one day to people on the forum, like he does, and getting belligerent with folks, and threatening to scan and post his law license so they would RESPECT HIS AUTHORITA. One of the moderators sent him a private message and he was expecting to get a warning about being such a jackass. Instead, he was invited to be a moderator. I was astonished. I’ve actually told him not to come over to my blog and act the way he acts on that forum, since it would be highly embarrassing to ban my own husband from commenting on my blog.)

Apparently, now that people are playing against each other online, there are a few people who feel the need to explain their lack of prowess at the game. The most popular explanation is something like this: “If you see me online and I’m not doing very well, it’s because my little brother is logged into my account.”

So C-Man has a new tagline on the forum: If you see me online and I’m not acting like myself, it’s because my five month old baby is KICKING YOUR ASS.

I love that man.

2 thoughts on “He’s A Prodigy, I Tell You

  1. Shane Taylor

    Elsewhere, I posted an excerpt on consumption and inequality. It instantly devolved into a discussion about geocentrism and Copernicus. I was bemused and silent. Reading this post, I feel old. Surely, nothing would keep Copernicus at bay like the threat of virtual ass-kicking.

  2. Lucy

    Hee! And M. is no tiny 5-mos old. He probably COULD kick their ass! As the wife of someone who works for XBOX… I do have to put the plug in that this game can be played online against other players on XBOX360. PS3 is a bad word in this house ;) But we do have a Wii.

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