Heroine Content Links #7: Indiana Jones, Long Kiss Goodnight, and more

A couple of new links:

Brooke Shields drives Green Lantern crazy in ‘New Frontier’ on Comics2Film. I have no idea why they chose that title for the article. Love the quotes from Shields about her desire to play an action heroine.

The first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shows a hint of Cate Blanchett as a uniformed villain. Can we hope she’ll kick a little butt?

And a few older ones:

The Portrayal of the High Kicking Action Heroine: Across Space, Format, and Theories by Angela Waldrop in Latent Image: A Student Journal of Film Criticism. Mentions Supercop 2 and Heroic Trio.

The Long Kiss Goodnight by Gategrrl on The Hathor Legacy. Also see Chick Fight! by Ifritah over there for some good insight.

Violent Femmes by Stephanie Mencimer in Washington Monthly, from back in 2001. Ah, the good old days…

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