Heroine Content Links #37: Haywire, Attack the Block, Dragon Tattoo, Star Trek, Loki, and more

Haywire’s Action Hero – She’s a Deadly Woman, without being a Femme Fatale by Jennifer K. Stuller at Ink-Stained Amazon. She didn’t much care for the film, it seems, but does give it props for avoiding making Carano’s character into sexy eye candy.

Movie Review: Attack the Block at Tiny Heroes. If you’re reading this blog and you haven’t seen this film yet, just go ahead and fix that.

The Women of David Fincher’s Filmography by Alex Cranz at FemPop.

The Girl… on Cookie Baking Bitch, quoting from blogger J Rambles and adding her own thoughts at the end.

At The Movies: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Oh God I Am So Sorry I Watched The Remake First by Markgraf on Bad Reputation.

How to be a fan of problematic things by Rachael at Social Justice League. Always something to struggle with.

Quiz to Test if You Have Latent Racial Issues with S/U at The Secret Life of Ankhesen MiƩ. S/U here stands for Spock/Uhura, a pairing in the 2009 Star Trek film, and I found this piece absolutely fascinating.

Movies That Hate You: Star Trek (2009) on Loose Cannon. Then in followup, Analysis: The Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi – Special – Nyota Uhura (Part 1) and Part 2.

Why Captain America is Better than X-Men: First Class and Thor by Gena on The Hathor Legacy.

Loki: An Allegory About Internalised Racism by Connie on Social Justice League.

Surprise! New Survey Says Both Men And Women Are Into Genre Films by Jill Pantozzi at The Mary Sue. I was shocked! Shocked!

Seriously it’s a really disturbing pattern, a post about Buffy and Angel on Adventures of a Comic Book Girl.

What Could Have Been: A Black Widow Solo Film on FemPop. If you haven’t read a lot of comics, you may not end up reading this whole piece, but if you have any love for Natasha it’s quite intriguing.

This post was originally published on Heroine Content, a feminist and anti-racist movie blog that ran from July 2006 to May 2012.