Heroine Content Links #36: Catwoman, Captain America, X-Men First Class, Studio Ghibli, and more

I’m sure there’s something here for everyone, so pick a link or two and relax for a few minutes.

And if anyone wants to think non-coughing thoughts in my direction that would be swell. That’s towards Austin, Texas to be more specific…

ComicsAlliance Reviews ‘Catwoman’ (2004), Part One and Part Two by Chris Sims and David Uzumeri. Reading these reviews is way better than watching the film, is all I’m sayin’. I think it might actually even be funny if you didn’t see the movie.

question of the day: Does ‘Captain America’ blackwash history? by MaryAnn Johanson at FlickFilosopher

Movies That Hate You: Batman and Robin by Heavy Armor on Loose Cannon

What if Cowboys and Aliens offers the same old message wrapped in a “new” alien package? at Professor, What If…?

Why X-Men: First Class has issues by James on Took the stars from our eyes

‘A League of Their Own’: A Feminist Classic and ‘Tangled’ and How Trailers Can Be Deceiving by The Funny Feminist

Is Thor a feminist movie? (Yes) by Rachael at Social Justice League

Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor

What Do You Mean When You Say You Want ‘Strong Female Characters’? by s.e. smith at Tiger Beatdown

Step into my film school! The importance of casting in breaking open movie stereotypes by Captain Awkward on Feministe

10 Black Women Making Moves in Film by Arielle Loren at Clutch Magazine

Best wedding pictures ever (scroll down), images by photographer Amanda Rynda, but images posted at Mlkshk (I can’t find the whole set on her tumblr, and she commented on the Mlkshk post so she knows it’s available there and didn’t seem to have an issue with it.)

Studio Ghibli: Leave the boys behind by Steve Rose at The Guardian

Remembering Joanna Russ – Part 1 by Naamenblog at Feminist SF

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