Heroine Content Links #35: X-Men First Class, Green Lantern, and Other Tidbits

So there’s this thing called the internet, and people use it to write stuff. Strangely, neither my bosses nor my three year old feel that it’s a priority for me to be one of those people. They have compelling arguments, involving words like “salary” and “moral responsibility” and “raising the next generation of hopefully enlightened fanboys.” However, due to a gift of time from some relatives, I was able to take a look at what other people have been writing on the internet while I’ve been away. Et voila, link post. Hopefully this will tide you over until Captain America.

Obviously, a bunch of people wrote about X-Men: First Class. A lot of comments here, a lot of posts everywhere else. I absolutely agreed with the commenters here who saw Xavier and his crew as the privileged, and Magneto’s team as the ones who didn’t have anything to gain playing by the rich white guy rulebook. When Angel and then Mystique defected, I couldn’t even argue with their individual decisions given the treatment they were receiving. But while Xavier is utterly clueless, Erik basically thinks the Nazis’ only mistake was misjudging who was the superior race. There’s separatism, and even separatism enforced with violence, which doesn’t bother me at all – and then there’s enslavement, mass murder, and genocide as self-defense and I get a little queasy on that side of the line. A friend who has not read the comics, but saw the film, thought I was perhaps reading too much of comics-Magneto onto film-Magneto, and he may be right. But “we are the better men” doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Here are some of my favorite pieces about the film, there may be a few in here you didn’t come across:

I saw Green Lantern, but didn’t end up reviewing it due to the lack of any female ass-kicking. Here’s some folks who did write about it:

And everything else, some new, some older:

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