Heroine Content Links #20: Book of Eli, Wolverine, Avatar, Buffy, The Losers, and upcoming films

So Grace and I were all excited about our new! weekly! posting schedule, and then my hosting company got infected and all my blogs went down and wow, it’s really hard to get back to posting once the wind has been taken out of your sails by evil hackers right as you’re staging a posting rally. Thanks to everyone who emailed to ask if everything was okay with us while the blog had completely disappeared. Y’all make us feel like rock stars.

Let’s do some links, and then we’ll get back on the whole “movie review” thing shortly.

Jennifer K. Stuller over at Ink-Stained Amazon has released her first book, Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology. She quoted Grace twice and me not at all, because Grace is more of a thinker and thus is more quotable, so I retaliated by keeping the review copy I was supposed to send Grace and buying her one of her own instead. (See? Not much of a thinker = terrible revenge plan.)

If you disliked my review of Book of Eli, which at last count included everyone, you will probably like Girls on Film: Women Are Doomed if the Apocalypse Hits by Monika Bartyzel on Cinematical much better.

If anyone out there reads German well enough to tell me what the heck this article is saying, that would be awesome: X-Men Origin: Wolverine. They totally quote us! And for the record, now that I have read a bunch of X-Men comics, I am WAY more offended by this film making Emma Frost anything other than the badass she always has been. Teenage captive for whom the diamond thing is her primary mutation, indeed.

Going Native: Avatar on Every Day I Write The Book and The Evolution of “Avatar” on Reappropriate (which you have all probably already seen) were my two favorite pieces on this film. I’m never going to see it, and I like to laugh, so these two posts together were pretty much all I needed.

Speaking of movies I will never see and laughter, The Buffy vs. Edward mashup video that I found via the post Bella vs. Buffy on Fouth Wave Feminism is hysterical. You’ve probably all seen that too, but if I post about it here then I can find it later.

The Losers (April 9th) somehow totally got by me until about a month ago. I think it’s going to piss me off based on the trailer, and I can’t decide whether to track down the comic first. When I saw the Whiteout movie before I read the comic, ignorance was bliss. Here’s the trailer for The Losers:

The trailer for Salt (July 23rd) is not embeddable, so here’s the link to the Salt trailer on YouTube.

Others on our possible 2010 list include Robin Hood (c’mon, Cate!), Jonah Hex (Megan Fox and “voodoo,” surely this won’t be problematic!), Knight & Day (yikes), Red Dawn, Red – and yes, Predators.

What else is going on out there, peeps? What have we missed while on fall and early winter hiatus?

This post was originally published on Heroine Content, a feminist and anti-racist movie blog that ran from July 2006 to May 2012.

2 thoughts on “Heroine Content Links #20: Book of Eli, Wolverine, Avatar, Buffy, The Losers, and upcoming films

  1. Patrick

    I’m German, so… the article begins by saying Wolverine was enjoyable, though that might not hold out if you start thinking about it. But it was fun.

    Then it explains the Bechdel test and that Wolverine didn’t pass, and that it gets worse because the only larger role for a woman includes her betrayal – quote this site. The article ends with saying the author is almost afraid of opening her “second eye” after she had fun with the film. But she’d rather have no female starring roles than one that has her betray the star and die for it, though she amends this by pointing out that having the woman survive might mess up the comics continuity.

  2. -J-

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Robin Hood, in a minute and a half of weapons flying about the trailer, Blanchett never gets her hands on so much as a dagger, but manages to get kissed, threatened, and look scared…


    Salt though looks totally badass.

    One other to maybe keep an eye on is the English release of the Swedish movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

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