Heroine Content Links #1: Bandit Queen, Chun Li, Hell on Wheels, Chak De India, etc.

Every once in a while, I manage to post a link to a related blog post or news article here at Heroine Content. Often I don’t have enough to say about the link in question to make up a full post, so the post comes out badly. Meanwhile, my del.icio.us account is chock full of things I didn’t manage to blog about. So I’m going to post a few links, some old, some new. We’re not trying to step on Celluloid Sally’s toes, so we’re going to stick pretty closely to our niche of critiquing and enjoying action films (and occasionally television shows) that portray women who kick ass.

Without further ado, here are today’s links.

Is there such a thing as a responsible rape scene? at Racialicious, a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. It’s a meditation on the film Bandit Queen – here’s Grace’s review of the film.

kristin kreuk is chun li in street fighter on the blog angry asian man, who had previously posted about the rumored selection of non-Chinese Jessica Biel as Chun Li.

Denver International Film Festival – Hell on Wheels, a review of the 2007 roller derby documentary on film blog Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee.

Femtique reviews Alien vs. Predator Requiem, and Crimitism describes Masculinity in Alien vs Predator: Requiem, saving me the necessity of a babysitter. Now I can go see I Am Legend instead. (p.s. DO NOT SEND ME ANY SPOILERS! Thank you.)

New Bollywood women’s hockey movie Chak De India breaks gender stereotypes in India on UK feminist blog Dollymix. Netflix said “Long Wait” for this one, but then it showed up. Does Netflix know I’m special?

If you have a link to something that fits into the Heroine Content mission, send it along. Put it in the comments. We’ll also be adding links to other reviews in our old posts as we go along, so don’t be shy if you wrote something (or more than one something) and you want us to know about it.

This post was originally published on Heroine Content, a feminist and anti-racist movie blog that ran from July 2006 to May 2012.