So here’s what I could have lived without

Our (elderly) dog passing away last week.

Someone throwing a brick through our glass back door this morning trying to break in, while Boy Detective and I were upstairs. Strangely, it turns out that I don’t enjoy calling 911 after hiding my four year old in a closet and telling him to be silent and don’t come out until I come get him.

8 thoughts on “So here’s what I could have lived without

  1. Erin

    I am so very glad you guys are OK. But, yeah, life really needs to get off your back now. xoxo

  2. Miz_Jen

    I’m terribly sorry to hear both these things. Gives me chills thinking what that must have been like to be upstairs with menace downstairs. Yikes!

  3. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    EGAD. OK, it’s official: You’ve had more than your fair share.

    Seriously, I’m so sorry about your dog – I don’t care what anybody says, losing a good dog is just as hard (and often harder) than losing a human family member – and I’m so, SO glad you and Boy Detective weren’t hurt. Or worse.

    Sending all kinds of good thoughts/vibes/prayers/etc. your way.

  4. Grace

    I agree, you’ve had way more than your fair share lately. I very much hope there is a similarly unreasonable amount of good stuff around the bend. I’m thinking about you.

  5. Angela @ Cottage Magpie

    Terrifying and sad all in one week? That’s just wrong. I agree with everyone else that you’ve had more than your fair share and you seriously deserve some fantastic things now. Hear me, Universe??? Get with the nice nice!


  6. Lisa

    I am glad you and Boy Detective are safe. I’m so sorry about the dog. I think you need a huge cupcake. Sending you hugs.

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