Heartwarming Educational Moments Around the Family Dinner Table

C-Man: What about a hexagon?

Boy Detective: A hexagon?! What is a hexagon?!

C-Man: It has six sides. Like a square has four sides, a hexagon has six sides.

Boy Detective: But where are all the sides?

C-Man: I’ll draw one for you. See? That’s a hexagon.

Boy Detective: HAI-YAH! I just chopped a zombie. It was trying to eat your head.

3 thoughts on “Heartwarming Educational Moments Around the Family Dinner Table

  1. Shane Taylor

    Clearly, your son is a cunning ninja. The zombies are invisible to the untrained eye, and they only feed upon brains that understand geometry. By getting both of you to demonstrate your knowledge of geometry, your son was able to lure the zombies into his trap.

  2. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    I have never in my adult life had to use geometry.

    Yet I think every day about ways to kill zombies.

    Boy Detective has his priorities straight, is the point I’m driving at here.

  3. Skye

    @Shane, if it’s geometry-related brain activities that attracts, them, that would totally explain why C-Man was attacked and I was not.

    @Mrs. Bachelor Girl, we are lucky to have him on our side in case of zombie apocalypse.

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