I hate her

By now, on her birthday, Grace should be in her new home, in the suburbs, hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

I was going to say “But I wouldn’t know, because I am not reading her blog anymore, because I hate her for moving away.” Then I realized that if she had posted that she got there but something horrible happened along the way, I would feel like a jerk for writing this post.

Now that I know she got there safely, though, I am posting, and I am also boycotting her blog from now on. I also did not send her a birthday card because I think it would give the impression that I still consider her a friend even though she abandoned me.

She should have warned me five or six years ago when I hired her that we would become good friends and then she would move away across the country. Obviously she is a bad person and cannot be trusted.

Fie on her.

2 thoughts on “I hate her

  1. Elle

    Too funny! I know exactly how you feel… other than I was the one doing the moving. It still sucked.

    Thanks for coming by my blog AND commenting! It made my day.

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