Happy Something Or Other To My Blog?

Today is the eighth anniversary of the oldest post that currently exists on this blog.

I have no idea what my real first blog post was about, since I deleted it and many others in the migration from Blogger to Movable Type. I also have no clear memory of what blogs I read first, why I started blogging myself, how I chose Blogger, how I heard of Movable Type and decided to switch, or even how the name of this blog came into being. Lizard Kingdom makes sense, I do get cold easily and would prefer a large warm rock to be available at all times, but flooded? Why? Was it raining that day?

Then again, I also have no memory of my sister running into my foot in the kitchen during high school and breaking her toe on my shoe. I think my brain just isn’t as capable as some people’s.

So, thank goodness for the roughly 1170 posts I do have, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have any ability to answer questions about what I’ve been doing for the last eight years. You know, when the cops show up because reality has become just another Law and Order show since as far as I can tell from the televisions at the gym, they are pretty much taking over the world.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “Happy Something Or Other To My Blog?

  1. Rebecca

    Okay…it’s possible you don’t remember that because it’s possible I didn’t ACTUALLY break my toe again then. I really did break it (so says my fascinating X-ray abilities) running into my door frame but it’s possible I just sort of smushed it against you. Who knows…

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