4 thoughts on “30 Fun Comics for Even The Littlest Kids

  1. Christina

    I’m so glad you turned us on to Magic Trixie! My girls love Magic Trixie Sleeps Over and we’ve been ordered to find the other Magic Trixie books for them. Mira, my six year old, read this on her own in two days, and she’s not an advanced reader.

    I can’t wait to check out some of the others on this list – Mira was looking over my shoulder and just asked for Comic Adventures of Boots. :)

  2. decoybetty

    I’ve never been that into comic books, but I just read the Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay and in that book they create comic book characters, and well, now I’m interested in comic books.

  3. Skye

    Christina, you’ll have to keep me posted on how they like the others! So glad we sent something the girls are enjoying.

    decoybetty, it only takes one experience sometimes to snag you… let me know if you want any reading recommendations and what topic :)

    Jennifer, it’s ALWAYS good to start building a list of suggested books early! Her parents may need your help maxing out their library card checkout limits.

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