So who gets their mail before noon?

Do you? When does your mail show up?

Ours shows up at around 4:00 in the afternoon (even though Boy Detective starts asking to check it around 10:30 in the morning). So I’m wondering where the truck is before it gets here. When do they start delivering, and what are they doing before that? Does it take all morning to load the trucks? Do the same people sort and load in the morning and then drive around and deliver all afternoon? Do they spend all morning sorting whatever came in the previous day and then go deliver it?

Seriously, I cannot remember talking to a single person in my ENTIRE LIFE who said they got their mail at, say, 9:15 in the morning. My parents are known to complain that theirs doesn’t show up until almost 9:15 at night, but I think they’re exaggerating.

On a similar note, whose garbage doesn’t get picked up at 7:30 in the morning? Do they pick it all up almost simultaneously so that everyone lives in fear of forgetting to take the trash out and then having to bolt out of bed, avoid breaking an ankle while donning minimal clothing necessary to avoid arrest for indecent exposure, and run out to the curb just in time to miss the truck?

I wonder about these things.

9 thoughts on “So who gets their mail before noon?

  1. BonnieBelle

    The last house we lived in, we received our mail at about 11am, and our trash was picked up at about 3pm, so there ya go. We’re one in a million, baby. lol Of course, now we live in an apartment, where I’ve had to do the trash day dash many times. And every time we go out to the car, DS wants to run and check the mail boxes first, regardless of whether it’s too early, or even if we’ve already checked them that day.

  2. Lorri

    Um… we get our mail before noon. Usually around 11 am. Maybe they start in the most outlying areas which are starved for news then work their way South?


    We are usually the odd couple who puts their trash out (with much noise) at like 11 pm at night. You can’t forget in my neighborhood – people start putting the trash cans out at around 5 pm the night before. I think it is something to make the teens do before they can watch TV or something.

    The question is: Do they still pickup your trash on holidays? or is it postponed for a day or two?

  3. Aaron

    Our mail tends to show up around 10:30am. Recycling is usually picked up before I leave the house in the morning, although trash is sometimes not yet picked up until after I go to work.

  4. TokenOmnivore

    I used to know a mail carrier back in Pittsburgh. It seemed like the days were long, so I figured there’s a reason why mail doesn’t appear early.

    Yes, I’m a geek. Confirmed from:

    “Mail carriers start work at the post office early in the morning, when they arrange the mail in delivery sequence. Automated equipment has reduced the time that carriers need to sort the mail, allowing them to spend more time delivering it.”

    As to the garbage and recycling, ours can get picked up as early as 6:30 if the weather’s hot and they want to get done early. If the weather sucks, it can be much later than 7:30.

  5. chirky

    I used to get my mail at 4pm. And then last week, inexplicably, we started getting it around 11am. It’s really thrown me off, because I usually don’t have my own mail ready to go out that early and then I have to get in my car and drive to the post office if I want it mailed that day. Which I guess, in the grand scheme of things, really isn’t much to complain about.

  6. Terri

    One of the lucky ones here. We get our mail between 10 and 11 am, but I have to leave it out there in the box for my son to bring in after school since he will not give it up as one of his chores. Our recycling pick up is ALWAYS before 6:30 am and garbage is soon after, usually by 8 am. I would love to know what obsessing over when the mail is delivered means. My parents love to kid me about the time I called the post office to complain about late delivery. I was around 13 at the time, most likely the beginning stages of pms! Great post!

  7. Heather Cook

    Well, I live in Canada, so rather than USPS, we have Canada Post. Who only deliver Mon to Fri and don’t ever pick up mail… only deliver. I can remember the first time I was at a friend’s house in California and the mailman came on a SATURDAY to deliver the mail AND pick up some letters … I had no idea what life was like!

    But I get my mail (if I get it) by 2pm.

  8. threeundertwo

    4:00 for the mail here. We are the absolute last mailbox on the route so we have a bar code inside our box that the mailman scans every day. I guess to show what time he finishes.

    Garbage 6 am. Recycling about 8 am, right when I want to drive the kids to school and those gigantic trucks block our narrow streets.

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