How to Start Reading Comics and Graphic Novels – With Plenty of Suggestions!

I used to keep a list of “try these first” graphic novels here, until I got too many “try these first” suggestions and they escaped!

So if you’re already a fan of comics and graphic novels, you can go straight to the list of ALL my many graphic novel recommendation roundups.

If you’re not reading them yet, I’m here to help you start reading comics and graphic novels! The basics first: “graphic novel” is just a term for any book-length work that’s told in a sequence of pictures, usually arranged into panels. Graphic novels may be published as one paperback or hardback volume, or may be published as individual comic book issues first and then collected into one volume.

I usually read my comics in graphic novel form, because it’s more convenient than keeping up with all these little tiny comic books. A good comics shop will help you navigate the sometimes bewildering world of comic book series, but honestly, graphic novels are just easier for me. Your local library probably even has a collection of them.

Graphic novels and comics cover a wide range of styles and genres. The graphic novels I love and recommend are all over the map, from magic to adolescent memoir, action-adventure to cooking, and science fiction to queer romance. So to get started, all you really need to do is find something you like and jump in! Once you’ve read a couple of things you like, that will help other readers and booksellers make more recommendations. Or, you can look for other books by a writer or artist you enjoy.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments, or via the contact form. Ready to go? Then just head over to the list of ALL my many graphic novel recommendation roundups and see what looks good!