This One’s For The Ladies

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to C-Man that I was out of maxi-pads and needed to run over to CVS and pick some up. He asked “Run over there in what?” and I said “Huh?” and then I remembered that we had no working vehicle. Blarg!

C-Man then proved that I was right to marry him (even though he is a lawyer) by concluding the only reasonable thing to do was for him to walk 20+ minutes up and down hills under a highway and through a dark neighborhood to CVS and bring back whatever I needed. Extraordinarily generous for a man with a bad knee.

I concluded differently. My solution was to go across the street to the house where several polite and pleasant young women live and ask if anyone could spare a couple of items to get me through the night until C-Man’s mom brought her working vehicle back and I could drive to the store.

(Please note that the solution of going back in time to purchase a house within more reasonable walking distance of a grocery store or drugstore – like everywhere else I lived for the decade before we moved in here – did not seem feasible that evening.)

C-Man was not quite aghast, but he was quite concerned that this would be terribly embarrassing for me. He reiterated his willingness to make the trek. I told him that I thought he could probably go to the Whip-In, which is far closer, but that the house across the street was closer still and it was really no big deal.

“It’s a girl thing!” I insisted, “It’s fine!”

Indeed it was fine. Girlfriend across the street gave me several each of two different kinds and even apologized that she didn’t have a bag for me to put everything in. I went home and said “see?” and he said “well okay then” and I went along my merry way thinking that other woman would have done as I did and C-Man was just out of the loop because he’s a guy.

Then I told Grace, and she said “Wow, I would have found that really embarrassing.”

I was shocked.

So, women of the internet, tell me, what would you have done?

14 thoughts on “This One’s For The Ladies

  1. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t have thought of going to the neighbors, but if it had been suggested to me I would have done it with out embarrassment.

  2. Bonnie

    If it were neighbors I was already friendly with, I wouldn’t find it a big deal, but I couldn’t just go knock on someone’s door.

    I remember when I was little, we lived way up North in the middle of nowhere. There was a guy who came up on the weekends and during the summer with his two kids, a boy my age and an older girl. The girl was embarrassed to find that she had gotten her period one weekend, and my mom had no problem taking care of her without alerting the annoying little brother or macho dad.

    It was all very low-key, and I think the only reason I noticed what was going on was because I had a little hero-worship for the girl; she was older and so totally Cool! lol My mom let me in on the secret when I asked why she was over.

    It really is a girl thing.

  3. The Casual Perfectionist

    I wouldn’t be embarrassed to lend said items, and I’m never embarrassed to buy them. But I would never ask for them from strangers or friends. I’d be more embarrassed about my lack of planning. (No offense…and you asked!) ;)

  4. Cristy

    I have *exactly* the same answer as “The Casual Perfectionist” above. Never embarrassed to do it myself, but terrifyingly embarrassed to ask strangers, though, I probably *would* ask friends. The sort of folks I hang with would understand my predicament and be happy to help. :) Glad it worked for you, though!

  5. Kim

    I think I would just ask. To me it’s far less embarrassing than bleeding all over my clothes or whatever the alternative would be! I guess I have felt like I don’t need to be too ashamed about it for a while.

    Though I might be quiet about it at work and use IM to ask a coworker in a pinch!

  6. Noelle

    I would definitely ask. I agree with Kim – far less embarrassing than the alternative, and I figure any girl would understand my dilemma!

  7. Andrea Middleton

    I would ask. It’s one of those few things that ALL women have in common, and I kind of like the camaraderie that creates.

    That being said, I’d feel more comfortable asking a neighbor close to my age or younger than I would asking a 50-something neighbor… not sure why. Maybe because younger women tend to have more emergencies of this nature?

  8. Deidre

    If I had a reasonable relationship with Girlfriend – like I’d borrowed sugar and stuff – I’d probably do that if things were desperate, and I wouldn’t feel that embarrassed.

    It is a girl thing!

  9. S. Le

    If I were friends with neighbour, I would absolutely get them from her. No biggie.

    That being said, Husband wouldn’t blink about going to the store and buying what I needed. Yes, he’s just that good.

  10. Bachelor Girl

    I would’ve done exactly the same thing. Furthermore, if I were in your neighbors’ position, I would’ve been positively (and somewhat oddly) charmed that I could come to your rescue.

    Girls rule, no?

  11. Nickie

    I definitely would’ve done what you did. I don’t know if I would’ve been embarrassed or not, but it’s a lot easier than other options and less embarrassing than ruining a pair of pants because I didn’t ask.

  12. becky

    I would have asked neighbor w/no embarrassment. It’s just something women have to deal with. It makes it easier if I’ve already had some sort of back & forth with said neighbors, but it wouldn’t stop me.

    Fortunately, hubby would make a run anytime I needed it. Even if I didn’t plan well. He’s cool like that.

  13. angelina

    I would have no problem asking a neighbor for some pads or tampons if I had at least talked with them before. Approaching neighbors I’m not already on chatting terms with? No way. Coworkers, friends, relatives, I have no problem with.

    I’ll tell you what I hate though, I am embarrassed to purchase pads with male checkout clerks. It embarrasses me that I find that embarrassing.

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