Some Folks Who Know How To Write

From Hadashi World: two words

in Bellingham, Washington, if you want to legally snip the ties that bind, you are required to appear as a couple in the courthouse on a Friday, and speak aloud the declaration that your marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

My friend the Marquis sent me this piece from Billmon:

It’s also hard to picture the delegates in Philadelphia waiting around while the more devout among them ran proposed deals by their church elders to see if they passed religious muster, or fighting a knock-down, drag-out battle over whether the Bible should be cited as “a” primary legal source or “the” primary legal source — not unless a time machine carried the leaders of the last Justice Sunday rally back 218 years and dropped them off at the corner of Third and Chesnut.

Defective Yeti:

“Powers?” interjected committee Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter. “Batman doesn’t even have any powers. So my colleague’s implication that Batman is even in the same league as Wolverine is nothing short of wishful thinking, wouldn’t you agree, Mr Roberts?”

DruBlood develops a new mantra as the result of a difficult situation:

He became angry at some point and started to yell and scream and tell me he hates me and, you know, the evil 4-year old dance.

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