Flicker Flicker Little Star

Went to the Flicker Austin Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown last night. It was all about humans making quirky and sometimes lovely things, then sharing them with others. The films were from 3 to 15 minutes long and almost all were worth watching. (But confidential to the zombie auteur: ick!) The next Flicker screening is September 9th, and you should go. Yes, you.

It reminded me of The Best Salvage Vanguard Holiday Ever, an annual event by Salvage Vanguard Theater where short holiday-themed plays by different authors are staged at Little City downtown. I went for the first time in December 2003. I recommend this event as well, and I can even tell you which are the best seats. I’ll try to remind you later in the year so you don’t forget.

Some of the pieces in each of these cultural collages were funny, some touching, some just strange. A few I didn’t even understand, but they were heartwrenchingly beautiful nonetheless. The sum gave me that “humans are the coolest things going” glow. I love that feeling. It helps to counteract my despair that amoral ruthless corporations are ravaging our planet, our economy, and our souls.