Finding Ways To Save Time

Upon reflection, I’ve realized that I would have more time to do exciting things like laundry if I would tighten up my blog posts. For example, here are alternate versions of my last two posts that would have freed up precious minutes – nay, hours – for me to pursue domestic chores.

“I have enough time on my hands that I spend some of it worrying I might watch the wrong 293 movies next.”

“I’m a 35 year old woman developing an interest in the X-Men comics so strong that I have even started reading blogs about comics. Kill me now!”

Perhaps to give up blogging altogether and go back to Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Finding Ways To Save Time

  1. Deidre

    That is quite succinct!

    But don’t give up blogging – what about us poor souls who aren’t on twitter? How I would I get to hear your brilliance?

  2. angelina

    I hate twitter. I love blogs.

    Half the pleasure of blogs is having a place to spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the fascinating minutiae of everyday life like whether or not you’re picking the right movies to watch.

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