Tonight I’m going to the Blue Man Group‘s rock show. I saw their show “Tubes” in Boston with my ex-husband a couple of years ago, and it was one of the most amazing artistic experiences of my life. Even better than Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” tour. ;)

What’s cool about my life right now: this is not the only non-homework event in August. I am so used to thinking of my life as a long death march of homework interspersed with occasional television viewing that despite not having been out of the house much at all by most people’s standards, the last couple of weeks have seemed extraordinarily busy:

  • Climbed through laundry room window at apartment complex to retrieve sheets from dryer. Granted, the window comes down to my waist and there was a chair to climb on. But I was wearing my new sexy red pants at the time, so I felt like an action hero. I’ve never climbed through a window before.
  • Bought aforementioned new sexy red pants. This occurred during a successful shopping/socializing trip with K., whom I met through work and who graciously agreed to act as both chauffeur and consultant on my mission to acquire more professional clothes. Since she didn’t know I was picky, she pointed out whatever she thought was good. Since she didn’t expect me to have a fit about how it was red/pink/weird/not me, I tried stuff on. So now I own red pants and a pink shirt. I don’t wear them together, though. That would be weird. And not me.
  • Found biggest bug ever at C. and E.’s old apartment. Found its scary child on the sidewalk at my apartment. Threw sticks at it to make it go away. It stayed put and died the next day (not from the sticks, I missed). Birds ate it. This isn’t much of an event, but it made me love birds. And I had time to notice it, which proves that I’m really out of school. If I were in school the bug would have only registered if it was in my reading packet.
  • Wrestled with my desire to participate in the Austin Area Quilt Guild and my simultaneous disappointment with their cliquishness to date. Disappointment won, which meant not walking 20 minutes in 100+ degree weather to attend the August meeting. I felt ok about that. Then I saw a note on the Guild listserv about a member who wanted to start a bee (monthly meeting) for young quilters. Turns out that “young” meant kids, but the woman who originally posted the note suggested that I try starting a bee for 20-something quilters. Once again, if I want something I have to run it…but then again, if I run it I can make it happen near my house.
  • Went with M. and her sister to see a Suzanne Vega show, which was totally. f&*ing. awesome. It was just Suzanne and a bass player. I love the lush sound of Songs in Red and Gray and Nine Objects of Desire, but hearing the songs stripped down made me acutely aware of the lyrics and the feeling in her voice. She is so gifted as a poet and songwriter. And she let the audience sing the chorus of Tom’s Diner…which I’m sure she’s done at every show on this tour, but she still seemed tickled that we could do it all perfectly, even the bit at the end where it’s different. It reminded me of how Jian of Moxy Früvous reacts to the audience – slightly bewildered surprise and delight to see actual people loving the music.
  • Had a bus break down while I was on it, which I don’t think had ever happened to me before. Many of the passengers were cranky because it was insanely hot outside, but I realized that I could either be cranky or be grateful that by virtue of where the bus stopped there was shade to stand in.
  • Read Shopgirl by Steve Martin without realizing it was by, well, Steve Martin. *That* Steve Martin. Who knew the boy could write? And as my friend C. pointed out, write about the interior lives of women.
  • Helped C. and E. move to their swanky new apartment, which resulted in a several days long bout of painful envy and mild depression. But they let me fill up their guest bathtub with bubble wrap and promised to take pictures of it, so I eventually felt better.
  • Drove a minivan. No drive-through this time, but we went by the IGA (grocery store), the post office, my grandparents’ house, and the church where they hold the quilt guild meeting. And for the first time I felt as though I had enough concentration to operate the vehicle *and* be aware of what was in all my mirrors. This is why I’m only comfortable driving up to 30 miles per hour right now. I know my limitations.

I think that’s about it. But it was a lot for 13 days.