I Don’t Have Six, I Have At Least 79

One of my friends tagged me with one of these bizarre blog meme things. I usually ignore these, but since she called me out by name it seemed rude to ignore this one.

The instructions are this: List your six favorite songs and tag six others to do the same.

Oh please.

Those who know me know that listmaking is what I do. So it should be no surprise to anyone that I have an extensively well-analyzed ranking system of my music in ITunes. Grace was actually subjected to part of the construction of this system when we worked together and I cycled the majority of my CDs through the office to determine what songs I liked enough to rip to ITunes and rank.

Once I finish ripping my greatest hits of the Mortal Komat 1 & 2 Soundtracks (the better to sense danger approaching – if it’s techno, run!), I will have about 2400 songs. I say “about” because C-Man has some songs in there as well, and I am lazy about arithmetic.

So what are the chances I could pick just 6 songs out of 2400 and declare them my favorites? In my five-star playlist, which translates to “this is practically a religious experience,” there are currently 79 songs. (I am not adding any from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, by the way.) I re-listen to that playlist and try to knock some of them down, so it’s actually gotten smaller since the heyday of CD importing.

But six? That’s like asking me to name my six complaints about how drivers interact with pedestrians.

So I fail this meme, and will not tag anyone else with my failure. Undoubtedly a pox of monkeys will smite my lands and lay waste to my crops while feral kittens chew through my hard drive. The Dog is already giving me dirty looks…

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Six, I Have At Least 79

  1. Marquis de Sod

    Pertaining to the soundtrack, I can only say, the alternate lyrics remain:


    [que thumpa-thumpa score]

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