Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Goonnnnneee

Dear Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel (Free & Clear),

I’m so sorry.

I wasn’t TRYING to quit you. I was just, um, experimenting? That other brand was just sitting right next to you on the shelf, and I’d never given it a try. It seemed more fair to let it have a turn. It’s not like it costs that much less. But there’s been that thing with the knives, they don’t get 100% clean really? I don’t know, I just thought maybe I would try something new.

Yes, I understand that no relationship is perfect. I sincerely apologize for throwing away what we had just to see if the grass was greener on the other side.

Yes, I also understand that wiping the peanut butter all the way off the knives before I put them in the dishwasher would probably help.

I took you for granted, and now you’re gone. And it’s no good. Just get into the cart when we go shopping this weekend and let’s pretend it never happened.

All the best,


6 thoughts on “Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Goonnnnneee

  1. Sarah

    So the Seventh Generation stuff actually works? Good to know. I have been debating about trying it but my last experimentation with natural dishwasher detergent went realllllly badly.


  2. Skye

    Despite my infidelity, I am fairly happy with it. But I think detergent performance is always a combination of the detergent + the dishwasher + the water in your town!

  3. Star Traci

    So I must know… did 7th Gen forgive you? Are you all made up? I cheat on my products all the time (coupon girl) but I always love to hear when someone finds a product to be loyal to. I hope you are forgiven and have started meeting her halfway with the peanut butter — haha!



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