The Dog’s Resume

I often wish that The Dog would earn her keep. Loudly. However, my friend has C. pointed out that it’s often difficult to secure gainful employment without a resume. I realize now that my complaints have been far greater than my investment in The Dog’s future. Even such a small task as a resume is difficult for a creature with no verbal skills or opposable thumbs – and yet, I have not stepped in to assist her.

So I have created a draft as a jumping-off point, and I invite constructive comments.

CONTACT: thedog at lizardkingdom dot org

OBJECTIVE: Cheese. Lots of cheese. Or possibly yogurt. Willing to negotiate.


  • Strong sense of curiosity and willingness to explore single topics in detail.
  • Proven ability to focus on repetitive tasks.
  • Alert to changes in environment which might influence normal course of business.
  • Really, really, really good at pulling things.


  • early 1997, supporting participant in low-income community service project
  • 1997-2000, social benefit delivery and textile remodeling in a team environment
  • 2000-present, responsible for individual projects, including sanitation