Dog and Toad

Dear The Dog,

Last week when we found a toad on the front porch, I thought we had an understanding. You froze, I said “NO!” and we went on our merry way. You came with me when I asked you to, so I said “Good dog!” The toad even did its part by vacating the premises while you and I were on our walk.

So your behavior this morning was disappointing. Props for realizing it was a toad, and not, as I thought, a leaf. (Hey, it’s dark at 6:45 in the morning.) But then you moved towards it with your ears up like you were hunting! What was that about? And I sensed a little resistance when I walked away from the scene, your leash in my hand.

Please don’t let this happen again. If you caught a toad I would scream.

With love,