My Delusions, Let Me Show You Them

1. It takes WAY more time to peel a banana or a carrot than it does to pour a bowl of cereal and add rice milk. Who has that kind of time?!

2. If I could just find the right way to organize my to-do list, I would accomplish 50-100% more stuff every single week.

3. I will remember exactly what I meant by that note I just scribbled down even though I abbreviated half the words.

4 thoughts on “My Delusions, Let Me Show You Them

  1. Sarah M.

    Oh gosh, yes. peel something? then I have to find the peeler! plus, my latest addiction is dulce de leche cheerios. dry. mmm. carrots just do not have the same appeal.

  2. Skye

    @ Sarah, I’m not sure that you including the phrase “dulce de leche cheerios” in that comment was helpful to my health.

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